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Nov 8, 2023

Revive and Shine

Last weekend, I had the honor of taking part in the Adventist Christian Fellowship Revive retreat at Camp Wakonda. I was worried about the weather, so I packed for the cold, but God blessed us with warm weather and beautiful blue skies. We had a little more than twenty people attend over the course of the three days, and it was a blessing to grow to know each other. We had group discussion times and Josh Guerrero gave us an encouraging message on Sabbath. I helped by leading out praise and worship time—bless the ears that decided I sounded alright!

God has been reminding me lately to let go and let Him; let Him carry my burdens, let Him wash away my worries, let Him take care of all that I care about. But I tell myself I “got this”. I hold all these troubles and anxieties and concerns close to me, guarding them like they give me some type of power over them, when really they just weigh me down. I have many thoughts, but all those thoughts distract me from the ones I should be having: God is in control. He works all things out for the good of those who love Him. The Bible says not to worry about tomorrow. I have so many things I can be thankful for.

Over the Revive weekend, I was able to let go and let God. It’s easy to forget about worries when they’re not surrounding you and you’re instead surrounded by fellow young believers. But too soon I had to return home and the reality I had left behind came back. And so I had to remind myself of the birds. How they don’t worry about food because God keeps them fed. About the lilies of the field. How they grow and don’t worry about who will clothe them because God keeps them dressed.

At my university, I walk past the same flowers every day. And every day, I pause to admire them. They’re small and purple and it seems like they don’t have a care in the world. It seems they trust in their Creator. Call me crazy, but when I walk by, those tiny flowers are smiling, and they make me smile too.

I want to be like those flowers. I want to be like the birds. And so I will keep praying, I will keep reminding myself that my Heavenly Father will take care of everything. He’s “got this” in a way that I never will, and for that, I’m grateful.

- Adeline Minett, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Youth Updates

Club Ministries

Pathfinder directors: we noticed a faux pas! While we initially said you must have all past reports in by LeaderShop, we see that in the reports it says they are due by November 10. So you still have two days, if you would like them. Also: you must be using the new reports, which can be found at Old reports will not be counted toward 200 Club.

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 3: Area PBE

  • Feb 9-11: Pathfinder Winter Retreat

  • Feb 16-18: LUC Youth Congress

  • Mar 2: Conference PBE (Location TBD)

  • Mar 11: Gillette Tour

  • Mar 16: Union PBE

  • Apr 19-20: National PBE

  • Apr 22: Gillette Tour

  • Apr 27: Adventurer Fun Day

  • May 10-12: Pathfinder Fair

  • May 20: Gillette Tour

Contact our Coordinators: Adventurers, Allison Payne: Pathfinders, Glen Morrow: Master Guide, Cristofe Guzman: *SIGN UP for BTP International Camporee newsletter:

Public Campus Ministries

If you are interested in starting a public campus ministry (ACF chapter), or you would like more information about how to get involved with an existing campus ministry in your area, please contact our coordinator (see below) Our annual ACF retreat, "Revive," was a great success! The students who participated represented a presence on five different campuses, and that's not including the group from Milwaukee, who were unable to make it. Our presence is growing across Wisconsin's public campuses. We're excited to see how God will continue to grow this ministry in the future. Contact our PCM Coordinator, Joshua Guerrero:

Summer Camp

The official 2024 Youth Calendar has been published. That means we have dates for next year's Summer Camp! You can view the calendar with those dates HERE!

Lake Union News & Beyond

  • Feb 16-18, 2024: Lake Union Congress Youth Congress, Chicago, IL

    • Come learn best practices in youth evangelism and pitch your own ideas for local ministry you'd like to do in your area. There is $50,000 available to help young people like you see your visions become reality. More info HERE

  • Aug 5-11, 2024: Believe the Promise International Camporee, Gillette, WY

    • Camp Wakonda staff are planning to head to Wyoming after the 2024 Summer Camp season, to help set up and run the International Camporee. More info HERE.

The Week in Pictures

Public College students gathered at Camp Wakonda for the Revive Retreat; Te-jounie Wilson gave his heart to Christ in Baptism; Pastor Kevin Moreno spoke for Waukesha Warriors' induction and taught the Rocks Honor; Adventurers and Pathfinders met in Princeton; Madison Community hosted their third WorshipWorks Wisconsin event and many guests presented, including the AU Malagasy Choir; Summer Camp staff can't stay away from helping out at Work Bees, even after moving away.

More Wakonda Media!

Watch our YouTube Channel: Read our Blog:

Get Involved!

Looking for ways to support Youth Evangelism in Wisconsin? Get involved! Contact Pastor Zack to find out how: Even better, send him a text at 920-609-0483.

Tell us how we’re doing!

We look forward to your continued feedback!

Do you like the new format? The new logo? Thank you for reading this week’s #WakondaWednesday! Remember: You are set apart! You are Wakonda!

1 Peter 2:9-10

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