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Club Ministries

Club Ministries are an excellent way for young people to learn life skills and get to know Jesus. For more information about what Club Ministries do, please visit the North American Division Club Ministries page here.

For Local Club Ministries, choose from the following, according to age group.

Adventurers | Pre-K thru 4th Grade

Adventurers is an excellent way for little ones to start learning important life skills, get involved with local community kids, and draw nearer to Jesus. Through participating in fun activities, earning award patches, and even the self-discipline of wearing a uniform: Adventurers is the beginning of the lifelong journey that is Club Ministries.

Pathfinders | 4th Grade thru 12th Grade

Pathfinders continues the journey of Adventurers by adding increasing levels of engagement with community and church, as well as higher levels of learning. From camping skills to church evangelism, from knot tying to auto repair: Pathfinders prepares young people for success in the real world, as well as lifelong involvement in church and ministry. For Pathfinders who are on the older end of the spectrum (9th-12th grade), there is the Teen Leadership Training (TLT) route, which aims to further integrate Pathfinders into roles of leadership and responsibility.

Master Guides | Collegiate & Beyond

Master Guides can begin during or after Pathfinders, and also acts as a standalone curriculum, regardless of whether a person has been involved in Pathfinders. The Master Guide program trains individuals for leadership in Club Ministries, as well as various forms of Youth Ministry in the church. From outdoor adventures, to team building challenges, to learning how to respond to a crisis: Master Guides is an intergenerational leadership training experience.

A Look At Our Clubs This Year