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What is Master Guide?

The Master Guide program is designed to aid senior youth and young adults (16+) in leadership training, with the eventual goal of becoming successful leadership in Club Ministry, or with other areas of church and community leadership. In Wisconsin, we have a selection of Master Guide clubs, but Master Guide is also a program that can be completed on-your-own, as long as one has a Master Guide sponsor who can track their progress. In Master Guide, there are the same emphases as in Pathfinders (outdoor skills, leadership, community and church involvement, etc) but to a more mature degree. 

Find a Club

No clubs are currently registered with the Wisconsin Conference in 2023-2024.

Important For Club Directors

All clubs must register with the Wisconsin Conference Youth Evangelism Department for the 2023-2024 season. To register, click HERE.

All club staff must be current on their child safety training and background check through Sterling Volunteers. 

Instructions for first-time staff, click HERE

Instructions for staff renewal, click HERE

Cristofe Guzman

Master Guide Coordinator


Zack Payne

Club Ministries Director

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