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#Wakonda Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Club Ministries

Upcoming Events: We're coming up on a new season of Club Ministries! Register your club(s) now! *Note: ALL clubs need to register each year. Register Adventurer Club HERE Register Pathfinder Club HERE Register Master Guide Club HERE

  • READ the report of our August 20 Master Guide Gold/Silver Medallion event in Milwaukee:

    • LINK:

  • Aug 25-27: Master Guide Camporee at Lopez Family Camp Ground

    • Registration open NOW:

    • Address: N2703 County Rd. FF, Hancock, WI

    • $90/person

  • Sep 8-10: Adventurer Camporee at Camp Wakonda

    • Registration open NOW:

  • Sep 11: Gillette BTP Tour (Pastor Zack Present)

  • Sep 15-17: Pathfinder Camporee at Camp Wakonda

    • Schedule to be released soon

    • Registration to open soon

  • Sep 25: Gillete BTP Tour

  • Oct 7: Up North Youth and Pathfinder Day

    • Takes place in the Rice Lake Church building during Northern District Meeting (adults are in the gymnasium).

    • Earn the Bubbles honor with Glen!

    • Potluck lunch at church!

Contact our Coordinators: Adventurers, Allison Payne: Pathfinders, Glen Morrow: Master Guide, Cristofe Guzman: *SIGN UP for BTP International Camporee newsletter:

Public Campus Ministries

Are you desiring to do something to impact youth and young adults for Christ, raising them up to be warriors for Christ? This fall we have an opportunity to bring two missionaries to two public campuses at UW-Lacrosse and UW-Stevens Point. Public College Ministry is on the front lines of culture engaging this generation in real-time with the Gospel. If God is calling you to this strategic opportunity for His kingdom, please contact Josh at (715) 498-4763 or via the email below. Contact our PCM Coordinator, Joshua Guerrero:

Summer Camp

Stay Tuned... Summer Camp is over until next summer, but we'll be announcing updates throughout the year as we plan, recruit, and develop the next theme. November is when Pastor Zack will start talking to returning staff about next summer, and January-February is when he and Ally will be traveling to different schools to talk about Summer Camp. Next year's theme is: Back to the Garden, and we can't wait to start giving you sneak peeks into the process and the final product of next year's program.

Lake Union News & Beyond

  • Feb 16-18, 2024: Lake Union Congress Youth Congress, Chicago, IL

    • Come learn best practices in youth evangelism and pitch your own ideas for local ministry you'd like to do in your area. There is $50,000 available to help young people like you see your visions become reality.

    • More info HERE

  • Aug 5-11, 2024: Believe the Promise International Camporee, Gillette, WY

    • Interested in being an actor or musician for the camporee? Click HERE for more info!

    • Camp Wakonda staff are planning to head to Wyoming after the 2024 Summer Camp season, to help set up and run the International Camporee.


A Medallion to Remember

READ the report of our recent Master Guide Gold/Silver Medallion event in Milwaukee and VIEW lots of pictures from throughout the day HERE

Camp Staff at Union College

Pastor Zack and family are almost home from their travels. The last stop was Union College to visit with some of the camp staff there. Please pray for our young people who are students and just getting started with a new semester of school!

Report in the Lamp Letter

READ the Summer Camp 2023 report from the recent issue of the Lamp Letter HERE

More Wakonda Media!

Watch our YouTube Channel: Read our Blog:

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