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A Medallion to Remember

This past Sunday, August 20, the physical training of the Silver Medallion was carried out at the Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School. 30 people attended the event, which began at 10 in the morning with a prayer, then a stretching section. There was also assessment of running, agility and physical skills.

The judges of the event were the pastor and Master Guide Samuel Latouche, and the Masters Guides Rosana Pérez, Ivelise Nuñez and Daniela Botello. In the event, four groups were formed, two for men and two for ladies, and each judge evaluated a group.

The event was very blessed, as adolescents, young people and adults participated, we also had a delicious lunch and we ended with a prayer and general cleaning of the area we use at school, the event ended around 2 in the afternoon.

There are still four sections of the medallion that will be covered in the coming months, where we hope more people can join in receiving this important honor for Adventists Youth.

Check out pictures from the event below!

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