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All The Way Up at Green Bay AJA

Yesterday, I got to visit Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy, where Pastor Kevin Moreno is currently speaking for their week of prayer. The theme for the week is “All the Way Up.” It was fun to catch up with Kevin, interact with some of the youth, and even play with the praise team. During his talk, Pastor Kevin had some powerful insights that I believe resonate with the ideas that resonate with the core of why we do what we do at Wakonda. “Sometimes guilt pushes us away,” he said. “We push away the purpose God has for us. We think “oh I’m not good enough, I’ve made these mistakes.” But we have to realize that we are someone special who God died for…who God wants to use.” God made us in His image and gave us a purpose to serve Him and to glorify Him…to stand out and not to hide from what He wants to do in our life. We may feel like we started the race slow. But we can finish strong.” We want kids to know God has a plan for them and wants to help them finish strong. Please continue to pray for our young people in the Wisconsin Conference! We can’t wait to see how God’s plans manifest in their lives.

- Pastor Zack

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