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Innovative Ways to Share Christ

by David Pluviose

(originally from the Lake Union Herald)

Since the first Youth Evangelism Congress in 2013, a total of 107 Youth Evangelism Congress-funded initiatives have received a total of $535,871 dollars in total funding including all matching funds. 

“It’s innovation, creativity that’s going to take our evangelism impact to the next level,” says Lake Union Youth Director Ron Whitehead. “And the more we can create entrepreneurial young adults, that are thinking about evangelism and sharing the Gospel, aren’t we better off as an organization?

One of the golden youth evangelism stories which has emerged from the Youth Evangelism Congress is a Food Love Outreach spearheaded by Indiana’s Evansville First Church member Levi Pemberton. Pemberton recalls attending the 2020 Youth Evangelism Congress and coming away inspired. Ultimately, the Food Love Outreach — an evangelism project funded through the 2022 Youth Evangelism Congress — was born.

Wisconsin Youth Updates

Below are several registration links for several events. Some had issues with the previous links we sent out. They now should be fixed and easier to use!

Various Upcoming Events

  • WinterFestaPalooza is coming up this weekend! Make sure to buy any lift tickets and rentals needed at ASAP, as they don't accept day-of purchases!

  • Youth Rally at Wisconsin Academy, is Saturday, January 20. Register HERE 

  • Men's Retreat is January 26-28 and our speaker, James Hopkins IV, is preaching on the theme The Measure of a Man. Men from all over, young and old, are invited to come and bond in Christian brotherhood. Register HERE 

  • Summer Camp recruiting season is coming up soon! Here's a tentative view of where and when Pastor Zack and the fam will be for recruiting

    • Wisconsin Academy, THIS WEEK

    • Wisconsin Adventist Schools, Jan 15-17

    • Andrews University, Jan 22-25

    • Southern Adventist University, Jan 29-Feb 2

    • Union College (soon: University), Feb 5-8

    • Walla Walla University, March 4-7

Club Ministries

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 3: Area PBE

  • Feb 9-11: Pathfinder Winter Retreat

    • Registration will go live soon! Keep an eye out. Remember: only register one staff per six Pathfinders (per gender), and non-staff members (including parents) should not be in attendance. This is a large event and our space is limited due to the cold weather and limited indoor spaces, so we want to make sure as many Pathfinders as possible can attend.

  • Mar 2: Conference PBE (Wisconsin Academy)

  • Mar 11: Gillette Tour

  • Mar 30: Union PBE (NOTE: This date changed from the 16th)

  • Apr 19-20: National PBE, Gillette, WY

  • Apr 22: Gillette Tour

  • Apr 27: Adventurer Fun Day

  • May 10-12: Pathfinder Fair

  • May 20: Gillette Tour

A reminder for Pathfinder Directors: your club's monthly reports are due the 10th of each month. We only count reports done from the forms on If you are filling out other reports, they are not being recorded.

A message regarding International Camporee tickets: tickets have sold out as of today. DON'T PANIC! Please let Pastor Zack know if you need more tickets, or if you have too many tickets. We'll compile a list of our conference clubs' needs. Some of this may be able to be solved in-house (one club has too many tickets, another has too few and we can connect those clubs). If we need to find tickets from outside our conference, please let our conference team handle the purchasing of those tickets and then sell them to you. We are being warned that there are many scams regarding ticket sales, around this event, so be careful when buying tickets online from un-verified sources, and let us do the checking for you.

Contact our Coordinators:

Adventurers, Allison Payne:

Pathfinders, Glen Morrow:

Master Guide, Cristofe Guzman:

*SIGN UP for BTP International Camporee newsletter:

Public Campus Ministries

Our team just visited GYC! We'll have an article soon, about their experience at this great event!

Contact our PCM Coordinator, Joshua Guerrero:

Summer Camp

View the Youth Calendar with camp dates HERE!

Camper Registration for Summer Camp 2024 is open. Register HERE!

Staff Applications and Re-Applications are now available for 2024.

  • Apply to work at Summer Camp HERE!

  • Re-Apply to work at Summer Camp HERE!

Lake Union News & Beyond

  • Feb 16-18, 2024: Lake Union Congress Youth Congress, Chicago, IL

    • Come learn best practices in youth evangelism and pitch your own ideas for local ministry you'd like to do in your area. There is $50,000 available to help young people like you see your visions become reality. More info HERE 

    • New This Year: There are limited (100) commuter tickets for $175 per person. This means you would not stay in the hotel and travel to and from the event through the weekend. If you are interested in this option, act fast via the link above!

  • Aug 5-11, 2024: Believe the Promise International Camporee, Gillette, WY

    • Camp Wakonda staff are planning to head to Wyoming after the 2024 Summer Camp season, to help set up and run the International Camporee. The official dates for this are July 29-August 14. More info HERE.

Update in Pictures

Summer Camp recruiting started this week at Wisconsin Academy; Wisconsin Valley Falcons build bird feeders as International Camporee fundraiser; Hispanic Youth put on Rally in Milwaukee.

Get Involved!

Looking for ways to support Youth Evangelism in Wisconsin? Get involved!

Contact Pastor Zack to find out how:

Even better, send him a text at 920-609-0483.

Thank you for reading this week’s #WakondaWednesday!

You are set apart! You are Wakonda!

1 Peter 2:9-10

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