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#Wakonda Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Club Ministries


Wisconsin Adventurers Coordinator, Allison Payne: Pathfinders

  • Read about Pathfinder Fair 2023:

  • Pathfinder Bike-a-Rama: Aug 4-6

  • Pathfinder Camporee at Camp Wakonda: September 15-17

Wisconsin Pathfinders Coordinator, Glen Morrow: Upcoming Gillette Tour Dates: May 22 | Jun 5 | Sep 11 | Sep 25 *SIGN UP for BTP International Camporee newsletter: *SIGN UP for BTP International Camporee newsletter:! Master Guide

  • May 20: Seminars at the W. Milwaukee Church at 3:00pm.

  • July 2: Gold/Silver Medallion, Menomonee Falls 10:00am - 4:00pm.

  • Master Guide Camporee: August 25-27

Wisconsin Master Guide Coordinator, Cristofe Guzman:

Public Campus Ministries

Summer is time for planning and training for the next school year! If YOU or YOUR CHURCH want to start a public campus ministry near you, please reach out to Josh ASAP (contact below). Training for new leaders and campus chapters will begin in June.

READ about ACF OnPoint's Consecration Service for Graduates:

Wisconsin PCM Coordinator, Joshua Guerrero:

Summer Camp Evangelism

Register Today! Visit for dates, pricing, and registration info. Worthy Camper Fund

Don’t let money be the reasons not to go to Camp Wakonda this summer! Apply for Worthy Camper Funds at

Staff Needs One guys counselor, and an assistant cook. Apply at

Volunteers 14-15 years olds: come and volunteer for a week! We’ll even sweeten the deal with a free week at Teen Camp!

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