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#Wakonda Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023

Club Ministries

Visit our new Pathfinders and Adventurers pages for basic information, upcoming event schedules, registration links, and information about how to get current on child safety training and background checks. Upcoming Events:

  • Sep 15-17: Pathfinder Camporee at Camp Wakonda

    • Registration open NOW:

    • $10/person (this includes kids, staff, and anyone else)

    • This is a camporee: clubs are staying in tents, cooking their own food, etc.

    • Focus: learning important camping skills together!

  • Sep 25: Gillete BTP Tour

  • Oct 4: BTP Executive Advisory Committee

    • Lake Union Office, Berrien Springs, MI

  • Oct 7: Up North Youth and Pathfinder Day

    • Takes place in the Rice Lake Church building during Northern District Meeting (adults are in the gymnasium).

    • Earn the Bubbles honor with Glen!

    • Potluck lunch at church!

  • Oct 20-22: Club Ministries LeaderShop

  • Feb 3: Area PBE

  • Feb 9-11: Pathfinder Winter Retreat

  • Mar 2: Conference PBE (Location TBD)

  • Mar 11: Gillette Tour

  • Mar 16: Union PBE

  • Apr 19-20: National PBE

  • Apr 22: Gillette Tour

  • Apr 27: Adventurer Fun Day

  • May 10-12: Pathfinder Fair (subject to change)

  • May 20: Gillette Tour

Contact our Coordinators: Adventurers, Allison Payne: Pathfinders, Glen Morrow: Master Guide, Cristofe Guzman: *SIGN UP for BTP International Camporee newsletter:

Public Campus Ministries

If you are interested in starting a public campus ministry (ACF chapter), or you would like more information about how to get involved with an existing campus ministry in your area, please contact our coordinator. In other news, we believe we have our Public Campus Missionary positions filled for this school year. Look out for a future report on the details! Contact our PCM Coordinator, Joshua Guerrero:

Summer Camp

Missing Camp? You can go back on our Facebook and Instagram pages for loads of pictures from this past summer at Camp Wakonda. Or, if you're looking for video recaps, make sure to visit our YouTube page for various videos and shorts from this past summer.

Lake Union News & Beyond

  • Feb 16-18, 2024: Lake Union Congress Youth Congress, Chicago, IL

    • Come learn best practices in youth evangelism and pitch your own ideas for local ministry you'd like to do in your area. There is $50,000 available to help young people like you see your visions become reality.

    • More info HERE

  • Aug 5-11, 2024: Believe the Promise International Camporee, Gillette, WY

    • Camp Wakonda staff are planning to head to Wyoming after the 2024 Summer Camp season, to help set up and run the International Camporee.


Adventurer Family Camporee

About forty Adventurers and their families attended the event this past weekend. The group earned their Parables of Jesus and Christian Storytelling awards and participated in a trial version of the Adventurer Bible Game on Sabbath afternoon.

Welcome Week UW-La Crosse

The ACF team at UW-La Crosse greeted new students with various gifts and games and were able to connect and give info about their ministry to those who passed by. Pray for our campus ministries! They have big plans for the 2023-2024 school year and we look forward to how God will move mountains on secular campuses in Wisconsin.

Club Director on Gillette Tour

Caden Minett (club director for the Coulee Region Coyotes) got the full International Camporee tour experience: seeing the new camporee campus, the camping site for Lake Union, supporting businesses from around town, and more!

More Wakonda Media!

Watch our YouTube Channel: Read our Blog:

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