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Volunteering for Maranatha at Camp Wakonda

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Wakonda, during the first week of the Maranatha project. And wow, it was amazing seeing all these people come together for a project so big. During the first couple of hours, we had buildings framed, walls sanded and ready for paint, and sticks piled high to be taken to the brush pile. We did everything from cosmetic work to putting walls up. Within the first two days we had some sad and depressing weather. Between snow, sleet, and wind it was a little uncomfortable to be working outside. Nevertheless, everyone’s spirits were still high, and though it was cold outside, our hearts were warm. When the days work was done, anybody with musical ability would gather around to sing praises to God. It was beautiful and uplifting to hear. One of the awesome things I saw that week was how God’s protection was over the camp. No one had any major injuries, and He held off the worst of the weather from hitting the camp. All in all, it was incredibly inspiring, and I’m praying the rest of the project goes as smoothly.

-Becca Cordwell is from the Eau Claire area, and is getting ready for her second summer as Camp Wakonda staff. This year she will be our photographer. Here are some more pictures she took at Maranatha:

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