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Traveling Mercies

This past week was a real whirlwind. From Green Bay (for Ally's surgery) to Berrien Springs (for PBE) to Chicago to San Juan (to join our youth for a mission trip) to Orlando and finally back to Chicago and then Camp Wakonda (to run Men's Retreat): I'm finally embracing the lifestyle of the jet setting Youth Director. Sometimes we're so good at planning every little detail, and yet life gets in the way. Flying home from San Juan (at 1:00am), I was supposed to connect in Newark and then fly to Chicago, however the bathrooms on the plane were not working and so we had to land in Orlando for maintenance (at 4:00am). I thought for sure I was going to miss my connection and get home late in the afternoon, ruining my chances to get meaningfully prepared for the event that evening. I was tired and angry, understandably. Another man was dealing with his frustration in an unhealthy way: yelling and cursing at the airline staff. I decided that was unhelpful and said a prayer to give my anxiety to God. Only moments later I heard, "now boarding all zones to Chicago." I jumped up and ran two gates over. "Can I get on this flight?" I asked. They easily transferred me to the flight, and as I hopped aboard I realized God was in it. The plane was a Boeing 747, with large cushy seats, there were about 20 people on the plane (I got a whole row to myself), and we were to arrive two hours earlier than I'd originally been scheduled to. I rested well on that flight, got home early, had plenty of time to set up for the event, and even visit with my family before Men's Retreat began. Had I been dwelling on my frustration, I may never have heard the call to board the Boeing, and I would have had a much worse day. But giving my anxiety over to God, He gave me a mindset of peace, in which I was able to better hear His plans for me. May you have peace today! Our plans may seem perfectly planned, but even in the face of frustrating circumstances: His plans turn out even better than we could imagine.

-Pastor Zack

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