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Transformations on the Public Campus

Continuing updates from the Public Campus mission field:

"Another young lady at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, after coming to church one week, was curious on how to grow her relationship with Jesus. When meeting with her at the student cafeteria, she opened up about some doubts she was wrestling with and the lack of peace she was experiencing. I was impressed to stop the lesson we were going through, and simply listen to her and ask questions. As I listened, I felt impressed to share my testimony. I then asked if she had ever invited Jesus into her life. She said she hadn’t, but would actually like to. I was thrown back as I realized the simple power of the Gospel and how it changes others when we share what God’s done in our lives. This and many other similar stories are but a snapshot of how students on our public university campuses are being transformed and empowered to know and follow Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for these and many other students, that they may become solid sold out warriors for Christ and taste and see that the Lord is good."

-Joshua Guerrerois our Wisconsin Conference Public Campus Ministries Coordinator

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