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Prayers for Union PBE Teams

This has been one doozie of a snowy winter! Nevertheless, I'm feeling tropical on this particular Wednesday. Here is the message I posted on social media for our PBE teams last night: “Stay strong in the Word, Pathfinders! No matter how you do at Union PBE this weekend, know that I’m proud of the work you’ve put into studying the Book of John. That being said, I believe you have what it takes! So much so that I’m working on my base tan now. We’re all lifting you up as you get ready for this weekend in snowy Michigan. But after that, it’s onward to sunny Tampa, Florida!” Keep praying for our PBE teams, folks! They could go all the way this year. And what could be be prouder of than a bunch of young people getting together to study scripture? Florida, or no Florida, that's a win right there.

- Pastor Zack

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