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Planting Seeds

As followers of God, we are called to spread the good news of His salvation to the world, but it’s easy to sit back and think that someone else will do it, or that we just can’t. Because it’s not easy. Evangelism means hard work. And often, it means rejection.

This past weekend I got the chance to go to the Lake Union Youth Evangelism Congress, and witnessed a group of youth and young adults from all over the Lake Union (and a few from farther away) present and discuss ideas to spread the gospel throughout their communities and schools. Going home from the congress are young people, bold, determined, and ready to begin working on some really awesome projects.

At some point, however, they’re probably going to look at their project, see a failure, and consider giving up. But I hope they don’t give up.

I’m taking a business class that’s teaching me ethical marketing from a Christian point of view, and it carries over to evangelism in a lot of ways since we’re trying to reach people with something they need. They shared some interesting statistics about people when we’re trying to reach them.

Only 3% of the market is currently motivated and ready to buy/accept at any given time.

On average, a potential customer must see a message at least 7 times before they’re provoked to take action.

And while 60% of the market will simply never be interested, that leaves 37% of people who may be open at some time in the future. This 37% won’t respond immediately, not to the first push, but eventually they will be reached at the right time for them…

If we don’t give up. If we keep on going, consistently reaching out.

Consistency is key to any marketing strategy, and any outreach strategy.

So if you went to Lake Union Congress and are starting a project, if you are almost too scared of failing to start something, or if you are discouraged because it’s not going like you thought, take courage. Keep on going. You’re planting seeds, and it just takes time for them to grow.

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