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Conversions at College, pt. 3

Our new believer, *Brian* from my last story, introduced me to several more guys on campus a few months ago. One of them I got connected with was named *Jacob,* a player on the football team. When I went to meet with Jacob, I was surprised that he had brought three other big football guys with him. I wasn't expecting this, but I just went ahead and started asking about their lives. As we talked, they shared how they desired to have a relationship with God but didn’t know where to start.

I started praying quietly and asking God what to do and how to respond! I hadn’t yet met with a group of football players before, especially not ones who were all wanting to know Christ at the same time! This needed wisdom and a divine approach, so I started asking God for guidance in preparing for the next meeting with them. The next week as we talked, I was impressed to share my testimony and then was impressed to deviate from the lesson and ask if they had ever asked Jesus to be Lord of their life. When they said they hadn’t, I asked if they would like to, and I’ll never forget what one of them, *Caleb,* said. He responded, “Yeah, send it!”

The next week several of them were eager to start building their relationship with God, and we began reading through the Gospel of John together and building habits of prayer and Bible study. I later learned Caleb’s backstory. He had been involved with psychedelic drugs and on one of his trips, God encountered him, and he realized not only that God was real, but was strongly convicted that that would be his last time doing drugs. He then started looking around for a ministry to connect with on campus. The interesting thing was that I had met him casually a few months before, several times, but we had never connected. He remembered me and came that day with Jacob. As a result, Caleb has received the gospel, along with Jacob, and two others.

Praise God for what He is continuing to do on our public campuses in Wisconsin. We look forward to how He will touch hearts and lives this fall.

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