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Conversions at College, pt. 2

This next story is a continuation of an experience that happened Fall 2023. A student named *Brian,* who had struggled with drugs but now had come clean, started a relationship with Jesus and got connected to our campus ministry through attending a dodgeball night in October.

After meeting with Brian, I connected him with one of our student leaders, Brenden, who now has been discipling Brian once a week--showing him how to grow in Christ by reading the Word, memorizing scripture, praying, establishing healthy life habits, and teaching him how to share the Gospel with others. As Brenden was working with him, Brian started bringing other students to his weekly discipleship meetings, which was the beginning of a small group. Brenden told me what was happening and shared enthusiastically that “Brian was growing and that there was some new people growing too!”

I joined Brenden, and at one of their small group meetings, I shared my testimony. I then asked Brian and a young lady he brought named *Amy*, if they desired to have a personal relationship with God in a deeper way, asking Jesus to teach, guide them, and be their Lord and Savior. When they said "yes," we all prayed as Brian and Amy asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. They are now both growing stronger with Christ and asking questions about how to grow in Him. Please pray this summer that the Holy Spirit continues to grow their hunger, thirst, and relationship with Jesus Christ, becoming mighty laborers for the kingdom!

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