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Camp Hype pt.2

Greetings from beautiful eastern Washington! As I write this, I'm sitting in Roger's Bakery, right off the campus of Walla Walla University. It's a rare sunny, cloudless day for this time of year. I can see beautiful snow-capped mountains in all directions in the distance. What brings me here? Because the Season of Camp Hype continues, full steam ahead.

Since January, we've been to:

  • Wisconsin Academy

  • Petersen Adventist School

  • Three Angels Christian School

  • Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

  • Maranatha SDA School

  • Hillside Christian School

  • Bethel Junior Academy

  • Andrews University

  • Southern Adventist University

  • Union College

  • Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School

  • Hylandale Adventist School

  • Otter Creek Adventist School

  • Frederic Adventist School

  • and presently, Walla Walla University

This marks the final stop on our tour to promote and recruit for camp at our various educational institutions. It's been wonderful connecting in person with many returning camp staff, many former camp staff, and many who are interested in the possibility of working at Summer Camp. That doesn't mean the camp hype stops here! No, no: the hype only increases from here. Make sure, if you're wanting to attend Summer Camp, you don't just fill out the "pre-registration," but also the "registration" link that is sent when you finish the "pre-registration." That way, your process is complete and you're locked in for the summer. If you need financial assistance, please fill out a Worthy Camper request or reach out to your local church to see if they will sponsor you.

While we still have a few staff positions open, we also recently we had a couple of jobs open up, and so we're doing some shuffling around of positions. If you're interested but you haven't received a final answer from us yet, it is because we're in the middle of several ongoing conversations that we hope to wrap up shortly.

In the meantime, here are pictures from our recent recruiting ventures. We're really getting excited about this coming summer and we can't wait to see you all there! Did you know that Summer Camp is one of our premier youth and young adult leadership training programs in the Wisconsin Conference? We look forward to seeing kids overcome their fears as they try new things and meet new people, we look forward to seeing our staff experience the challenges and joys of leading in their cabins and departments, and we look forward to all of us working together and coming closer in our walk with Christ.

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