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A Passion for Youth Ministry

Why do I want to help the youth of our Church? What has made me passionate to help out? As a child I was always involved in church, as my dad was a pastor for many Hispanic churches. As a young girl I would always be asked to help out with special music, song service, VBS, and just about anything else. I loved it, I loved singing for Jesus and helping my father out with church things, I even remember always going with him to bible studies. Since the first grade I went to MSDA (Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School), it was an amazing experience, I made life-long friends there, and to this day I still talk to them. I left MSDA after ninth grade, and I went to Wisconsin Academy, but out of my entire class from MSDA I was the only one who decided to go to WA. I asked my friends why they didn't want to go to WA, they would tell me because it’s boring, and they didn't want to go to another Adventist school. I tried to explain to them that there were other things that WA offered, and that it would be a great experience. I went to WA, and when I came back after a home-leave I noticed that a lot of my friends weren’t in the church anymore, or they would only go when there was a special event. Seeing my friends leave the church made me sad, and made me wonder what the church was doing wrong, what we had to change and why the youth is leaving the church. Working at Camp Wakonda since 2019 has helped me in my faith, it has made me realize that I have a passion for the youth, and helping them get closer to God, all while having fun. During my senior year at WA, I wondered what God's purpose for my life was. I would go in circles, between med school or finances, but I was never completely happy with any of my career choices. When people asked me what I was passionate about I didn't have an answer for them, but in my mind I knew that there is one thing I loved and that is Camp Wakonda. I love working at summer camp and seeing kids get closer to God made me super happy, and year after year God has allowed me to come back to work during the summer. I am now starting my fifth year here, and I am thrilled to see what God will do this summer. This fall I will be starting my freshman year of college at Walla Walla University, to study theology. Camp Wakonda and Adventist schooling has made me realize that I want to help the church, especially the youth, and make the church grow more in teens and young adults. I am beyond excited to see how God will work through me for His glory.

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