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Important Directors Info

Director Orientation

Thursday, May 30 - Sunday, June 2

Please arrive at 2:00pm to get settled in.

If you need to arrive earlier, let us know so we are expecting you. 

This event is less structured, and organized around discussion topics and meal times. 

(if there are topics you'd like to see added, please let me know and we can fit them it)

Meal times (Different than Summer Camp, Same as Camp Meeting): 

Breakfast 7:30am - 8:15am

Lunch 12:00pm - 12:45pm

Dinner 5:15pm - 6:00pm

*As this event is a little less structured, we can be flexible about some of this. We'll sometimes eat at the Director's House, eat at the Cafeteria as possible, and go out to eat once or twice. 



Those listed are from last summer, and are subject to change, but will more or less remain the same.



  • Get to Know Your Fellow Directors

  • Camp: The Sacred Playground

    • Participatory​

    • Faith-Centered

    • Safe Space

    • Relational

    • Unplugged

  • PZ's Vision for Camp Evangelism

    • Adventist

    • Local​ Church

    • Self-sustaining

    • Interconnected 

  • What it Means to be a Director​

    • Enforcer of the Rules

    • Working as a Team

    • Making Important Decisions

    • Affecting the General Staff Mood

    • Communicating at Camp



  • Measures of Success

    • Avoiding Burnout​

    • Getting sufficient sleep

    • Giving helpful feedback to staff

    • Setting key productivity indicators

  • Learning from the Past

    • Things that we're moving away from​

    • Things that we're moving toward

    • Discussion about why some things are happening

    • What I have learned personally at Camp Wakonda

  • Staff Manual Hot Topics

    • Dress Code​

    • Time Off

    • Anything else?

  • Present Day Hot Topics and Camp

    • LGBTQ+​

    • Activism/Rallying support

    • Social Media

    • Unbalanced Progressive/Conservative Emphases

  • Safety/Insurance

    • A Look Back on safety/insurance concerns

    • Why we make the decisions we do about safety​

    • Why we cannot allow certain activities

    • How can we make insurance happy?



  • Church @ Madison East

  • Lunch

  • Hike

  • Directors Group Picture

  • Sabbaths at Camp

    • Schedule​

    • Intentionality

    • Getting good rest

    • Allowing excursions

  • Spirituality at Camp

    • We are role models (and role models​ for the role models)

    • Personal spirituality at camp

    • How we display spirituality at camp in all we do

    • Music

    • Stage Plays

  • Running Partners 

    • Talk about the concept (like prayer partners)​

    • How will we decide on pairs/implement this?

  • Staff Parties/Banquet/Outings 

    • Time for the fun discussion​

    • Details/budgets

    • Appropriate but fancy for banquet

    • Decide on what kind of awards to give

    • Talk about any fun staff traditions

    • Talk about logistics of going off campus in groups (insurance, etc)



  • Customer Service, Winning Return Campers

    • Giving the bare minimum vs. Giving 100%​

    • Making good connections with parents/families

    • Showing that we care

  • The Camp Director's Role

    • Team discussions/efforts​

    • Camp Director retains certain rights

    • Job is to empower, but also serve as a bridge to the rest of the conference

  • Assigning Camp Meeting Jobs

  • Putting Together Totes, Paperwork

  • Organizing Shirts, Staff items 

  • Getting Ready to Receive Staff at Camp Meeting

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