Camp Wakonda

A place set apart.

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Summer Camp

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Sun, fun, food, and more! The moment you next see your kid, they'll be dying to tell you all about the fun they had making new friends and learning more about God!

Family Camp

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Connect, enjoy, relax, and be inspired! All you have to do is talk to anyone who's come to family camp to know that as soon as it's done, you'll be looking forward to next year!

Staff Hiring

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Every summer, a team of staff comes together to turn Wakonda into one of the most amazing places on earth. Do you have what it takes to be a part of that family?

Summer Camp

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Junior Camp

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Ages 7 to 11, junior campers are all smiles and laughs. They're here for good times and good fun, and we love them for it. It's one of our craziest weeks, but one of our best!

Tween Camp

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Ages 11 to 13, tween campers have all the enthusiasm of junior campers, but are a bit more level-headed. The amount of fun we have with them is off the charts!

Teen Camp

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Ages 13 to 17, teen camp is the most mature of our summer camps, and a little more laid back than the others. New friends & great times are just waiting to be had!

Family Camp

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Family Camp 1 & 2

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Here at Wakonda, we've created a week of fun, sun, and good memories, specifically geared toward families!

During this incredible week, your whole family will be able to step away from the busyness of life to relax in a peaceful environment, to have lots of fun participating in all that Wakonda has to offer, and to grow closer to God and each other! You'll be talking about all the fun you had for months to come!

Think we're kidding? Come find out!

Why Wakonda?

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We've asked ourselves the same question. Here's our answer:

Wakonda is a place set apart. In fact, that's what the word Wakonda means! This is a beautiful place where you can come and set aside all the distractions of normal, busy life. It's a place where you, your child, or your whole family can step away from all the noise of normal life, and in a peaceful environment, refocus on their relationship with God, each other, and/or others.

And while you do that, you get to have fun. Lots of it! If you've been here before, you know exactly what we're talking about: that morning, before camp starts, you can't wait to get out the door. You know that one of the best weeks of the year is about to start! Camp is beginning soon, and that means good food, new friends, amazing activities, inspiring speakers, and much, much more!

Take a chance, and come. You won't be disappointed.