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Revival on the Public Campus

Prayer changes everything. And it is because of direct prayer that God’s light is still burning bright amidst our generation right on the front lines of culture, at the public university campus. More then usual, over the last month, we’ve been seeing many students that are hungry and curious to have a relationship with Jesus in a way that is not usual and normal. Over the last month, I’ve seen about a little over half a dozen students express a desire to start a relationship with God. One story comes from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. While doing some outreach on a Wednesday afternoon last week, a few of us were starting conversations with students about life’s greatest questions. The four of us started talking to different groups of people and one guy we met with was a divine appointment. As we talked more with him, he shared how a few days before he had had a dawning realization and conviction that he didn’t know God and had not taken the time to know Him. He had gone to a local church for the first time in a long while and was seeking to find ways to grow his relationship with God. He said, “then you guys come along and I said, wow it’s amazing how God works, I’ve been looking for how to grow my relationship with God and who to talk to!” He was eager to discover when UW-La Crosse’s college ministry group met on campus.

- Josh Guerrero

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