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God Has a Plan

With any job there is planning involved. Farmers must plan around the growing seasons. Accountants must plan around the fiscal year. Athletes must plan on training for their next big game/race. Me? I'm not naturally much of a planner. When I was a new pastor, I remember having the hardest time just sitting down and focusing on what it was I intended to preach on the coming Sabbath. That's when I was a youth pastor, preaching twice a month, mind you. Then I got a new job as a head pastor of a district, where I was preaching every Sabbath! Not to mention, hospital visits and Bible studies and various appointments during the week. I no longer could plan weekly, but I started to think on monthly themes.

Soon it became clear, by the time I got to the end of each month, that I needed a new plan for the next. And I needed it before the end of the month! So I started planning three months in advance. Fast forward to being the Youth Director: I now have to plan a year in advance. We just got done with our annual "Calendar Meeting" with all of our Wisconsin Conference staff colleagues. The next year (at least as far as the dates are concerned) has been planned.

By the way, you can be the first to view our official 2024 youth evangelism calendar HERE!

I know colleagues in ministry who have their next several years planned out. Whether it's mission trips, speaking engagements, evangelistic series, classes (either teaching or taking), or what have you: the longer you're around on this planet, the more seems to get planned. Sometimes it's overwhelming. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and realize that God is truly in control. When we plan five years in advance, there's no doubt some of those plans will be changed or cancelled. And the real hope in the back of all of our heads: I hope Jesus comes back before then!

At the end of the day: God has a plan. Whether you're working on your plans for this weekend, next month, or several years from now, I want to encourage you to ask God, "is this a part of Your plan?" If not, change your plans! May we ever be open to God's plan and God's timing.

And may you never forget that God has chosen you...He has set you apart...and He wants to use you in awesome ways for His kingdom.

Be Wakonda, friends.

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