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Believe the Promise Tour Update

Ally and I have been heading up the Wisconsin Conference Youth Evangelism Department for the past two years now. We decided to celebrate with a tour of Gillette, Wyoming: the site of the upcoming 2024 Believe the Promise International Pathfinder Camporee. We even got to stand on the spot where Lake Union and Wisconsin Pathfinders will likely be camping next year (video coming to social media soon). I was reminded that at the last International Camporee, in 2019, over 1,300 young people were baptized for Christ. If Pathfinders or International Camporee seems to be all fun and games, this is a good reminder that it is not. Right now there is still a lot of planning going on. We got to see the field where Cam-Plex is investing $600,000 to grade a field so that we can set up our stage and put on Bible-based productions there. We got to see the many local businesses, the local college, and the local parks and recreational centers that will be hosting us for various activities and honors. We even got to see the full-size cutout of Ron Whitehead, welcoming people to the city of Gillette. God is already moving in a big way in Gillette, Wyoming. The people there are catching the vision and excited to see our youth and youth from around the world come, learn about Jesus, and even decide to follow Him. Please keep this event in your prayers. Please support your local club in getting to this event. Please come be a part of the effort yourself, if you're able. This next International Camporee will be one for the history books.

- Pastor Zack

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