Summer Camp

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Junior Camp

June 28th to July 5th

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Junior campers are all smiles and laughs. They're here for good times and good fun, and we love them for it. It's one of our craziest weeks, but one of our best!

Ages 7 to 11

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Tween Camp

July 5th to July 12th

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Tween campers have all the enthusiasm of junior campers, but a little more drive and common sense. The amount of fun we have is off the charts!

Ages 11 to 13

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Teen Camp

July 12th to July 19th

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Teen camp is the most mature of our summer camps, and a little more laid back than the others. New friends & great times are just waiting to be had!

Ages 13 to 17

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What does a week at summer camp look like?

A lot of sunshine and fun, first of all. But lots more, too!


Horses, boats, climbing, and more!

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Activities are a big part of our sunshine-filled days here at Camp Wakonda! 

Upon registration for summer camp, kids get to sign up for two classes that they'll take in the mornings, all week, here at camp. These classes work towards specific goals, like being able to ride a horse with full proficiency, or knowing exactly how to finish a ceramic piece from start to finish!

Then, in the afternoon, kids go with their cabins to visit all of the main activities Wakonda has to offer. They'll climb the climbing wall, speed down the zip line, visit nature center, go banana boating and tubing, and much, much more!

Visit our Activities page to see a full list of the activities we offer, along with photos!


Music, plays, and inspiring speakers!

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Camp Wakonda is distinctively Christ-centered, and our mission is to show campers, through everything we do, a taste of the incredible love that God has for us.

Our programs are a big way that we do so. Through beautiful music, fascinating (and, quite often, funny) plays, and a new and inspiring speaker every week, we do our absolute best to help kids along on the journey closer to their Heavenly Father. 

Learn more about our programs and what we believe on our Programs page.

Memories & Friends

...that'll last a lifetime!

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A trip to Wakonda is always one of a kind, leaving anyone who comes with memories that will last a lifetime. You'll always remember that one time you pulled off a win for your team during capture the flag, set a new record climbing the wall, or caught that one crazy wave that launched you sky-high while tubing!

Not only that, but you'll remember the people you did it all with, for ages. Wakonda is an amazing place to make new friends, and while kids are here, they get to team-build and interact with their fellow campers, making new life-long connections. & friends.

For many years, new friends have been made at Wakonda. Come to summer camp, and make some of your own!



Here at Camp Wakonda, our goal is not to make money, it is to share Jesus! We keep our rates as low as possible, to make camp as affordable as possible. We do this because we believe our mission is to reach others for Christ.

That said, our summer camp rate is $295 per camper.

To make camp a possibility for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to come, worthy camper funds are available.

Additional paperwork and pre-approval of the youth director is required.

Need help coming to camp? Apply for Worthy Camp Funds!

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In addition, check out our Camp Savings Passbook to see if you qualify for additional savings (hint: you probably do)!