Camp Wakonda Staff


Each and every summer, an incredible staff team is assembled to run everything that happens at Wakonda. But they're not just employees. They're also a massive family.

Being a staff member isn't easy, by any stretch of the imagination. You'll work hard and sleep little. But when the summer is over, you'll want to come back.

You see, the friends you make as a staff member are the type you'll never make anywhere else. They're the type of friends that have your back no matter what, and who are always there to support you. 

Plus, we have a lot of fun. I mean, it's camp! What'd you expect?

Most importantly, though, as a family, we all seek Jesus together. Camp Wakonda's mission is to show the unconditional love of Christ, and we believe that the most effective way we can show that love is if we're in touch with it ourselves, and living out a daily walk with Him.

Come to camp to be challenged, to laugh, to work hard, to serve God, and to make friendships that will actually stretch into eternity!



Staff hiring hasn't started yet, and won't until November 15th. Check back in then to get your application in first!


Scholarship Information

Almost all Adventist universities and colleges offer some sort of scholarship for summer camp staff. Does yours? Check out this link.