Staff Hiring


Interested in working at camp?

We are excited to begin the hiring PROCESS for summer 2018. The applications are now available on our UltraCamp website. Please follow the link below to create your account and apply today!

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Summer Work Scholarship Info 

Southern Adventist University

Summer Camp Scholarship

You will receive $170 per full week worked, with a scholarship cap of $2,000 (Your camp director must submit the number of weeks you will work based on your camp contract to Enrollment Services.)

At the end of each summer, Southern will contact your employing organization to verify that you met your contractual obligations. If you participate in multiple summer ministries, you’re eligible to receive only one of the summer ministry scholarships—whichever is larger.

Union College

Summer camp: Union will match 100% of summer camp earnings applied to the student's account up $1,500.

Walla Walla University

Up to $1,000 - Renewable 

  • CAMP SCHOLARSHIP. WWU matches 50% of the student's gross summer earnings up to a maximum match of $1,000 when a student works as an over night youth-camp staff member. (Day camps, student church interns, conference or union office workers are not eligible for this scholarship.)

Andrews University 

Summer camp scholarship will be based on $190 per week for a maximum of 13 weeks or $2,470. Student Financial Services will determine the amount of the scholarship based on the information received from camp directors in time for financial clearance. This scholarship is available to incoming freshman, current students, and transfer students.

Southwestern University

Summer Ministries Scholarship

Up to $2,000

Southwestern students who work in a summer ministries program (such as at a summer camp or as a literature evangelist) will receive a scholarship worth 75% of whatever portion of their net earnings they apply to their account: maximum award $2,000.  The student’s earnings are applied to the fall semester and the Southwestern match is applied to the spring semester.

Pacific Union College

Summer Ministries Leadership Match
PUC matches 100 percent of certified earnings that are applied to tuition by students who work at a SDA youth camp or in a youth ministry program in the summer prior to Fall quarter enrollment, up to $2,000.

Loma Linda University

These scholarships are available to students who work at an Adventist summer camp, in summer youth ministry, or in literature evangelism during the summer, and then attend LLU in the academic year immediately following such service. LLU will match 50 percent of all the earned money that is applied to the student's tuition.

Washington Adventist University

Youth Camp/Summer Ministries Scholarship

Recipients must work as a youth camp or summer ministries employee at one of the Adventist youth camps or organizations. WAU matches 100% of the net cash the college receives from the conference up to $1,500 per academic year, disbursed one-half each semester.

La Sierra University

La Sierra University will give a matching scholarship to students who work for the
Seventh-day Adventist Church as a summer camp personnel during the summer prior to their fall enrollment. The university will match students’ certified summer earnings that are applied to their fall term accounts. Matching funds are not available for reduced-tuition or off-campus programs. Any exceptions must be approved by Enrollment Services.

Pacific Union: 100% up to $2,000
non-Pacific Union: 50% up to $1,500