Camp Wakonda's Programs

Music, plays, speakers, and more!

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Ever sung "Milk", "I Just Want to be a Sheep", "Blind Man", or "You're My Brother, You're My Friend"? If you come to camp, be warned: you might not be able to stop singing them! Here at Wakonda, roughly half of our staff team is musically talented, and the other half know how to sing their hearts out. Come prepared to join in!

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Every year at Camp Wakonda, our staff take on the roles of dedicated actors, and put on a show that will only ever be seen once (well, technically, six times, since we have six weeks of camp. You know what we mean, though). Cowboys, pirates,  ladies, and lords! Any time period in history is a possibility. Meaning, however, will be found, no matter where the main band of misfits ends up.

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Every week of camp, we bring in a new and exciting speaker. Come to Wakonda not only to be inspired, but to join us on a path to getting to know Jesus better as our Lord, King, personal Savior, and Friend.

...and more

Whether it's lighting off paper lanterns after our Friday night program,  or our intense Passion Play, you'll be inspired and blessed. Ultimately, it's our earnest prayer, desire, and goal that you leave camp closer to the God that loves you more than you can imagine.