The Redesigned

We're incredibly excited to announce that our website has been completely redesigned!

Our biggest goal with this redesign was to show new visitors to the Camp Wakonda that hundreds know and love: a place set apart, full of Christ-centered excitement, adventure, and fun!

One of the biggest ways we've decided to show that Camp Wakonda is by putting all of our best photos from the summer front and center so that people can get just the smallest taste of the smiles, laughs, and deep moments that happen here at camp.

In addition, we've designed a new page with over 100 photos showing and describing our camp Activites (link here), as well as pages specifically dedicated to providing information about Summer Camp (link here) and Family Camp (link here)! Take a few minutes, and browse around. There's a lot to be discovered!


Pathfinder and Adventurer Leadershop 2018

Leadershop 2018 – Chosen Generation

Leadershop is a weekend just for our club leaders! It is a time for renewal, comradery, and rest! This year we are excited to have your very own Youth Director’s and Area Coordinator’s leading out in real Practical Pathfinder skill seminars! Come learn how to start a club, build a calendar, basic staff training, program building, registration help, and many more classes to give you the tools you need to have a strong club, clear plan, and leadership skills! 

When:October 12-13, 2018 

Where:  Camp Wakonda – The Greatest Place on Earth!  

Registration:Registration will open  September 1, 2018

Cost:$55 – September 1-30 (Early Bird) 

         $65 – October 1-11 (Late Bird) 

*** 2019 Leadershop speaker is Glenn Milam – NAD Pathfinder Coordinator**

Contact the Wisconsin Youth Department for more details!

(715) 544-8008 or email @, or

Click here to register!

Eric Chavez
Pathfinder Camporee 2018 - Chosen Generation

Greetings Pathfinders! I hope you are gearing up for another great Pathfinder year! We are excited to be upon Camporee again at Wakonda! Here is the Booklet that will be handed out to all Pathfinder Club Leaders upon arrival at Wakonda for the fun weekend!

Click here for the PDF Booklet!

If you need any more assistance or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

-Pastor Eric

Eric Chavez