There's a lot to do, here at Camp Wakonda! Try out...

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Wssssshhhh-thwack! That's the sound of you hitting a perfect bulls-eye! Learn from an instructor how to safely handle a bow, and then perfect your Robin Hood skills! (Merry Men not included or required.)


Ever wanted to fly over the water at high speeds on a large yellow object resembling a banana? Go banana boating or tubing and get some air behind one of Camp Wakonda's two powerful speedboats!


Come paint and glaze your own special plate, bowl, cup, mug, or vase! Or, paint one of the hundreds of unique ceramics we have to take home as a special souvenir!


Glitter, sparkles, glue, painting, tie-dye, and more! Nothing happens here without a crazy, crafty mess, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Come to crafts to make something that distinctly says "you"!

Climbing Wall

Grab a harness and helmet, climb our 40 ft wall, and come flying back down on our brand new zip-line! Take a breath-taking drop on our overpowered giant swing, and if you're feeling up to it, do it all again!


Learn how to play this beautiful instrument from our most talented musicians! If you want, you can even work towards playing something for the rest of us at the end-of-week talent show!


Leap, lunge, and fly! Our instructors come from backgrounds of performance-level college gymnastic teams! They'll teach you how to do everything from a cartwheel to a flying elevator!


Trail rides are a favorite here at Camp Wakonda, and for good reason! Experience the peaceful beauty of the thickly forested side of camp. Who knows, you might even see a doe and her fawn on your ride!

Nature Center

Here at the Nature Center, we have animals that meow, hiss, and tweet, not to mention all the ones that don't make writable noises! Plus, learn about science while building a volcano or making ice cream with dry ice!


Everything is truly awesome here! Build one of our many pre-bought sets, or set your creativity loose on a pile of bricks to create whatever you want! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a birdplane!

RC Cars

Test your remote control skills with one of our high-speed RC cars. Every year, we design a new course to challenge our racers. Are you ready to challenge your friends and leave them in a cloud of dust?


Taught by our very own (and beloved) media team, this class is all about taking better photos! Learn from Camp Wakonda's best, using our digital point-and-shoots! Feel free to bring your own camera, if you'd like!


Nothing quite beats that satisfying feeling when a ball swooshes through a net or soars between two goalposts! Play basketball, football, soccer, softball, dodge ball, volleyball, disc golf, and more!


Here at the waterfront, the sky isn't even the limit! Get a birds eye view of our very own Sandow Lake when launched from of our brand new blob! Swimming, snorkeling, water trampoline, water mat, paddle boarding, peddle boating, and canoeing;  we promise, you'll enjoy something down here!

...and more!

Every year, Camp Wakonda adds new classes to its already extensive list. When registering for camp, you may see a longer list of classes available. No matter what you do, you'll have fun!